Organica Cashew Roasted


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How to Use:

    • Add nuts and dry fruits to your morning cereal as per your taste, or use it in healthy
      desserts and bakes.
    • Simply share a packet with your family and friends. Add it to a gift basket for a loved
      one, or present to a guest
    • Snack on a handful a day of nuts and dried fruits to boost your energy and mood!


      • Dried Cherries are rich in antioxidants and nutrients that support heart health and reduce inflammation
    • Apricots kernel oil consider as Zero cholesterol oil and contains essential nutrients and has high levels of vitamin E, vitamin K, and many powerful antioxidants.
    • Roasted Cashews are good sources of protein, mineral salt, iron, and fiber. It also provides vitamin C, calcium, and iron.
    • Roasted cashews are healthy when eaten in moderation because they are cholesterol-free, and they can lower your cholesterol levels because of their dietary fiber and phytosterols.
    • Roasted cashews are also available in Organica Royal Mix.
    • Lightly salted roasted nuts are a great snack to be had with your cup of tea or coffee

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Organica Cashew Roasted
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